Slovenian Hive split

Added a split to a Slovenian Hive by Pineywoods

Pineywoods Beekeepers members, Terry and Edward, added frames of brood and queen cells and frames of honey & pollen to a Slovenian hive box in spring 2022.

Note: The Slovenian hive box was a temporary home because the box was not yet painted, and it needed to be in a "bee house". This particular hive was not built to weather the elements.

The split did exceptionally well compared to the other splits. Seems that those bees really loved the Slovenian model. One disadvantage was that the beetles had more space to hide and multiply. We did relocate the bees to a Langstroth hive box within several months and the bees seems to be just as happy in that box too. They are just well behaved bees...