Honeybee display demo for children

Honeybee display demo for children, 2022

This video was a powerpoint presentation created for the purpose of providing a visual display at a festival to educate children about honeybees. In addition, the Pineywoods Beekeepers Association presented an observation hive with live bees which sparked an interest in beekeeping for children as well as adults.

The embedded video in the presentation is borrowed content and sourced accordingly as, The first 21 days of a bees life condensed into 60 seconds. Filmed at the Harry Laidlaw Honeybee Research Facility at UC Davis with the help of Billy Synk. Music by Rob Moose (@mooseofrob)

Birth of a Bee on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/167347073

I am especially thankful for access to share this video for educational purposes only and request that anyone using this resource properly credit the original creators.