How to Build a Freeman Trap

The G-2 Screened Bottom Board can be made with only a table saw.

All cuts are straight - no angles. For some parts, I use a Dado blade and a Router for convenience.

Finished Trap

Screened Bottom Parts - Inside pieces are cut 14 13/16" long.

Side Wall: 1X4 X 22". Dado a 3/16"groove 3/8" deep 1" from the top for the Tray lip to slide in

Rip a 2X4 to 2 5/8" Wide. Dado a 3/16" groove 3/8" deep 1" from the top for the back Tray lip. Then router a 1/2" lip on top for the wire.

Use plenty of glue - you can wipe off the excess.

Use a shim to line up the grooves in the sidewalls and the landing board so the tray lips will fit.

Be sure to cut the wire square!!

Place the wire on the Landing Board lip and line the edges up with the sidewalls.

I use a 24" guillotine paper cutter.


Use shim to push sidewall in 1/8", then staple the wire to the sidewall.

When the back inside piece is pulled into place, it pushes the sidewall out and stretches the wire.

Pilot holes prevent the screws from cracking the wood.

Staple the underside of the wire.

We don't glue the side and back rails so
they can be removed if you damage the wire.

Deck Screws make the trap strong.

Install the front piece under the landing board and you're ready to check it out.

Gap between the Tray and the Wood
should be no more than 1/16"!!

Be sure the lip goes into the back groove. YOU'RE READY TO GO KILL BEETLES!

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