Queen Cell Builder Box instructions given by Robert

Queen cell Builder Box Feb 2023 @ Pineywoods

ueening Builder Box Class @ Pineywoods Beekeepers Apiary


Feb 2023

Taught by Robert Jones

Robert demonstrates and explains the process of creating

a “Builder Box” for grafted queen cells.

An empty box is added to a hive on top of a queen excluder.

The box is loaded with a feeder, 2 frames of uncapped brood,

a frame of pollen and honey, and 2 empty frames.

The hive is closed.

*end of video*

What happens next...

The bees will crawl up to the new box and

go to work pulling wax on the empty frames.

When those frames are pulled out they are moved over

and new empty frames are added.

During that time the beekeeper grafts eggs

to make queen cells which are added to the box.

The bees care for the grafted eggs

until the beekeeper removes them which is before

the queens emerge.

Techniques to observe:

Smoking a hive

Opening and inspecting a hive

Shaking bees off frames

Inspecting frames for open brood, pollen, and honey

Remove 3 frames that are needed for new box

Adding new frames in place of the frames removed from the hive

Brushing bees from the removed frames

and ensure the queen is not on them

Adding a queen excluder

Adding a new box

Adding a feeder to a new box

Stacking a builder box with contents in the correct order:

Next to the feeder add a frame of uncapped brood,

then a frame of honey and pollen,

then a frame of uncapped brood, then 2 new frames

Lids are shaken in front of the hive

to remove bees before closing it up.