How to Build a Freeman Trap

The G-2 Screened Bottom Board can be made with only a table saw. All cuts are straight - no angles [...]

Honey Bee Viruses, the Deadly Varroa Mite Associates

Introduction Varroa mites (Varroa spp.) are a ubiquitous parasite of honey bee (Apis spp.) colonies. They are common nearly everywhere [...]

written by

Philip A. Moore, Michael E. Wilson, and John A. Skinner

The Slatted Rack and the Empty Bottom Box in Early Spring

Every spring in most of my colonies, the bees have moved up in the hive and when I open the [...]

Slatted Racks

Most beekeepers start out with a hive with standard components. The most common of these is the iconic Langstroth hive [...]

Watch the first 21 days of a bee’s life in 60 seconds

From egg to buzzing pollinator, a photographer captures the secret life of bees and it’s nothing short of mesmerizing. When [...]

written by

Melissa Breyer

Beekeepers Monthly To-do List

January January 1st is the beginning point for the Beekeeping calendar in Deep East Texas for Angelina County and all [...]

written by

Robert Jones

Beekeeping Tips for June & July

While it may have subsided a bit, swarm season is still in effect. Monitor hives for queen cells, eggs, and [...]

written by

Jim Orem and Ginger Davidson

The Slovenian Beehive

Lately, there has been plenty of buzz over new types of beehives becoming available in the United States. It is [...]